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Buying & Selling Cards

Thank you for using Playy.World ! We're in early stages of our platform built-out. So while we have extensively tested (and continue to test) the platform, you will rarely (and inevitably) encounter issues with some features. That said, we will do our best in rectifying the situation super fast, and are prepared to do everything we can to accommodate you. Your needs are the key reasons that we are here. And we also seek your continual feedback on new features that you like to see, as this platform is built for your use.

Our support team is available live in the bottom left corner of your screen throughout the day (Ask Me Anything!), waiting to assist with any issues or questions that you may have. If no one is available live, please leave a message or email, and someone from the Playy.World team will contact you soonest.

Playy.World supports Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and CardFight! Vanguard as of now. We continue to work on adding more trading card games into the platform.

Why not add all trading card games?

We want to ensure a positive Seller experience that makes card listing simple and effortless. The Seller just needs to add in the card name, quantity and condition, and all remaining information and image is automatically generated.

Sellers can list cards to sell across various sale channels, namely Marketplace Listing, Auction and PreOrder.

Sellers can sell Singles, Play Sets and Play Decks.

For Buyers, you can now source for cards to buy globally, whether it is Singes, Play Sets or Play Decks. Once you become a verified Buyer, you can participate in cross-border Auctions, skipping the pain and wait to join auction forums. There are also Market Prices for each card, to help Buyers to make an informed purchase of their cards.

Buyers no longer have to squirm their eyes to see what is included in the listings of Play Sets and Play Decks photos. Each listing of Play Sets and Play Decks will show the entire list of each card, and their Market Prices. Buyer can now see the total value of each card’s Market Price of the Play Sets and Play Decks, to compare with the listed auction price. So in a glance, the Buyer can assess if the Play Set and Play Deck is a good deal or not.

Buying Cards

Simply use the red navigation bar at the top of the page to filter to the card game that you'd like. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to search for your need to purchase. Add the cards to your cart. You can repeat this process for any number of times, and from any number of different sellers.

You should use the market price indicators to check if the card price is fair. You can use the charts to check the price trending, and make an informed decision. This is our way of ensuring that you have the best available deal.

When you're done selecting items, head to your cart and check your selected cards. Click the Checkout button, and a stock availability check will be sent out to all Seller(s). The Seller(s) are given 24hrs to confirm availability. Once you receive the confirmation within 24hrs, choose your delivery method and make payment through your selected payment mode. You'll be asked to fill out your details on shipping, billing and mobile number.

Playy.World provides additional protection for buyers through our escrow payment service. This means that Seller(s) are only paid once the Buyer confirms receipt of purchased cards. There is no additional fee for this service.

Once you have made payment, the Seller(s) will be notified immediately, and begin to process your orders. You can review your order status and history, in the My Transaction section.

Selling Cards

You have to make sure that your Shipping and Billing addresses, bank account, mobile number are filled. If you’re a local game store, you should send us an email to notify us. We will update your account status to “Shop” after verification, which we will provide you with additional features. For now, we only support Sellers based in Singapore and Indonesia.
Click on My Listed Cards on the right of the red navigation bar. You can start listing all your cards for sale, as supported by the platform. We will continue to expand our support of as many trading card games as possible.

As a Seller, you must ship orders within 1-2 business days of receiving them. If you anticipate delay in your order, please contact Playy.World customer service so that we can update the buyer and avoid negative feedback on you as a Seller.

As a Seller, you will need to check out the Sale Orders that you have received. You must diligently mark the Sales Orders item as shipped, add tracking information, print orders, and contact Playy.World customer service if you need assistance.

You are strongly advised to read through the Seller Policy and Seller Fees, to be a strong Seller.

Latest Updates

Shipping & Grading

Before you continue, click here check for your discount vouchers !

08/Feb/2021 : Playy.World is your place for Pokemon sealed products.  We continue to do our best to fulfil your needs by securing Pokemon Champion's Path and Pokemon Shiny Fates products for you. Check in regular for new releases of stock and products.      

28/Aug/2020 : Magic meets Digimon !  Launched Altered Cards with exclusive 1-of-a-kind MTG cards painted over with Digimon art with acrylic paint.     

25/Aug/2020 : Launched Digimon themed Play Mats, with unique designs from known fanart artists just for Playy.World.  The design are 1-of-its-kind and only available on Playy.World through our exclusive partnerships with our artists.  

15/May/2020 : We have just launched our new market category for Collectible Toys! This means that as a Seller, you can list toy figurines and model kits for sale in Playy.World.

We are now promoting to individual sellers globally, and game stores located outside of Singapore, to list their collectible toys for sale globally on our platform. During this promotion period, sellers can get waivers on our commission fees, super boost our marketing for this new category, to help sellers boost their sales. Did we mention that there is no listing fee? Ping us on Playy.World through our "Ask me anything!" chat, for clarifications and assistance.

For detailed instructions on shipping your orders and grading for your card inventory, check out the Card Grading Guide. To sell cards on Playy.World, you must read the Packing & Shipping Guide and follow the guidelines as closely as possible.

Selling & Buying Figurines

Playy.World supports listing of pre-order toy figurines for individuals globally, and games stores based outside of Singapore. 
We will enable Marketplace Listing and Auction for toy figurines shortly.
If you would like to list your toy figurines for sale on Playy.World, please send us an email at pokeus@playy.world, to enable your account.