Stage B Featured Matches Highlights

By Marketing Team - 14 May 2020 (13:37)

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Stage B is now over! With 3 players with the highest points moving on to Stage C Knockout Rounds! Let's recap on all the thrilling and exciting plays these player made during the featured matches!

Teferi Kills Sharknado - CEGeoffrey vs Chazzex

A very interesting matchup with Indonesia's CEGeoffrey with Jeskai Fires taking on Singapore's Chazzex with Temur Reclamation. As we all know Temur Reclamation has a horrible matchup with decks containing Teferi, Time Raveler as it kills the key combo of Wilderness Reclamation and Expansion to deal massive damage to the opponent and gain huge card advantage and disables any counters that Chazzex has in his arsenal.

In the final game of the matchup, the score was even with 1-1 to each player. The game started really slow and both players managed to deal with each other's threat. CEGeoffrey played his hand patiently and baited Chazzex's spells until it was safe to bring down the dreaded Fires of Invention. With it, CEGeoffrey was given freedom to cast all of his big spells while Chazzex can only stall with Shark Typhoon. By topdecking a Teferi, Time Raveler, CEGeoffrey managed to clear the huge 6/6 Shark Token and deal lethal damage to Chazzex and end the game in a spectacular fashion.

You Thought You Are Safe With a Counter...But it was Me! Vivien! - Doc05 vs Murdock21

Here we have Indonesia's Murdock21 with Jeskai Control matching up with Philippines' Doc05 with Temur Fires. Murdock21 brings a Control variant of Jeskai this time with a huge arsenal of counter spells and removals and appointed Yorion, Sky Nomad as his companion which increases his deck size by 20 cards. Many debated that 80 cards makes the deck really inconsistent but according to some professional players, with the help of drawers and searchers such as Omen of the Sea and Narset, Parter of Veils respectively, the deck was surprisingly consistent. Doc05 in this stage opted for a Temur Fires deck which is more aggresive than its Jeskai counterpart due to its heavy ramping capabilities and massive, dangerous creatures.

Doc05 managed to triumph in the first game in a swift fashion and in the 2nd game, both of the players traded blows with one another. Seeing Murdock21 tapped out, Doc05 managed to cast Vivien, Monsters' Advocate without being countered and from then on the advantage was on Doc05. With Murdock casting Yorion, Sky Nomad to gain back card advantage, he managed to leave out 2 mana open with Essence Scatter previously searched by Narset, Parter of Veils. But Doc05 managed to bypass his Essence Scatter by utilizing Vivien's -2 ability to play a creature from the library with converted mana cost lower than the creature casted. This results in the appearance of Questing Beast which deals a respectable amount of damage while removing a planeswalker from Murdock21's field. From then on Murdock21 was in the backfoot.

Explosion!!! - Chazzex vs JulioEspina

Philippines' JulioEspina brought a fairly new deck since the release of Ikoria which is Jeskai Cycling while taking on Singapore's Chazzex with Temur Reclamation. Ikoria's massive Cycling mechanic support allows this deck to be created and this deck's main focus is to overwhelm the opponent with creatures that gain advantages when a card is cycled and end the game with a huge Zenith Flare which can deal massive amounts of damage which technically is a similar play with Expansion.

The first game was a thrilling one as Chazzex was on the brink of defeat most of the game with so little life remaining and somehow managed to topdeck a Expansion which he needed badly. This allows Chazzex to clear a huge Flourishing Fox and recovers his hand advantage. Chazzex made the risky play of tapping out with Castle Vantress, allowing JulioEspina to hit him with a Zenith Flare to claim the win but unfortunately the card was not in JulioEspina's possession and Chazzex managed to stay alive for another turn. Chazzex again managed to impressively topdeck another Expansion and he immediately casted the third Wilderness Reclamation and proceeded to the end turn to deal lethal damage to JulioEspina. Julio desperately cycled to find his Zenith Flare or an answer to Chazzex's impending Expansion but alas, JulioEspina did not find the answer and Expansion exploded and dealt lethal damage to end the game in a very impressive fashion.

Monkey Business - CEGeoffrey vs Doc05

The final featured match placed Indonesia's CEGeoffrey (Jeskai Fires) and Philippines' Doc05 (Temur Fires) in a Fires of Invention mirror match. Temur Fires prefers a more aggressive game plan with its ramping capabilities and more dangerous creatures compared to Jeskai Fires which prefers a more patient and controlling strategy.

This match is one of the fastest match in Stage B with Doc05 managed to ramp heavily with Arboreal Grazers and displaying dominance with the summoning of Thrashing Brontodon to deal with any Fires of Invention CEGeoffrey will be casting. Through Kaheera the Orphanguard, the normally threatless and docile Arboreal Grazer became an Aggro machine. Doc05 managed to win the game in a rapid fashion with his Arboreal Grazers pumped through Cavalier of Flames and Aggroed CEGeoffrey before he could recover.