Corona Super Series Featured Match 2: Bapaklu7 vs RyanFAR

By Marketing Team - 16 June 2020 (09:29)

#Yugioh #YGO #TCG #Competitive #Corona Super Series

Its the second featured match of the Corona Super Series online tournament! Today one of our casters M Rega Dimas as Bapaklu7 (Shaddoll Invoked Dino) will face off with RyanFAR (Rokket Link) in the third round! Who will triumph in this electrifying match?

A very interesting build of Shaddoll variant deck by our own Indonesian caster Bapaklu7 with both the powerful Dino and Invoked engines mashed up together which normally Shaddoll variants only contains one of the engines. While RyanFAR opted for a turbo combo-heavy deck which is Rokket Link which could create a field of negations and powerful monsters in one turn. Be sure to check out the featured match video to get an interesting perspective of the the from the player itself!