Corona Super Series Featured Match 1: Nicolasw vs Archschwarz

By Marketing Team - 13 June 2020 (09:19)

#Yugioh #YGO #TCG #Competitive #Corona Super Series

Its the first featured match of the Corona Super Series online tournament! Today Nicolasw (Endymion Pendulum) will take on Archschwarz (Traptrix) in the second round of the tournament. Who will come out on top in this interesting matchup?

Unfortunately, there was some technical difficulties so the first game of the Bo3 will not be shown. Endymion Pendulum, one of the combo heavy decks that thrives on playing first and building an unbreakable field to overwhelm the opponent will face off a control-based Traptrix deck that focuses on disrupting and controlling the opponent via powerful trap cards.Can Endymion Pendulum manage to combo through Traptrix's arsenal of trap cards?