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#StayHome - Free Delivery for orders in Playy.World

We at Playy.World would like to contribute back to our community by offering free delivery in the midst of the Covid19 situation; Click on the articles to see the full details!

29 March 2020

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Duel Overload Reveals: Mayakashi and Traptrix Supports and Reprints Revealed!

New spoilers for the upcoming Duel Overload set is revealed!

01 March 2020

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Matteo Bertulezzi: YCS Utrecht's People's Champion

An unexpected run by Matteo Bertulezzi almost took an impressive underdog win in YCS Utrecht 2020

29 February 2020

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More Rush Duel Rules Revealed!

Recently Konami had revealed more rules for the upcoming Rush Duel. This article breaks down the rules and features of the new format.

23 February 2020

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The Reemergence of Shaddolls: the Power of Nostalgia

With the release of Structure Deck: Shaddoll Showdown, retired players alongside new players opted for this nostalgic archetype that was one of the most popular deck in the meta.

20 February 2020