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VvV is for BDIF? Maybe not…

Zexuan breaks down the Vikavolt V deck that dominates the Pokemon Nationals Online held in Japan.

19 August 2020

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#StayHome - Free Delivery for orders in Playy.World

We at Playy.World would like to contribute back to our community by offering free delivery in the midst of the Covid19 situation; Click on the articles to see the full details!

29 March 2020

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Playy.World Announcement: More convenient Payment methods updated!

New payment gateway is now available in Playy.World to make Indonesian Players more flexible making trades, in one click, no additional fee!

17 February 2020

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Game Store Review and Interview: Sanctuary Gaming, Singapore

Sanctuary Gaming Interview with Daniel and Review

14 February 2020

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Game Store Review: Agora Hobby Singapore

Check out Agora Hobby and our Review here!

11 February 2020