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Early Thoughts on Zendikar Rising

Self Taught Commander shares his personal early thoughts on the Zendikar Rising spoilers!

14 September 2020

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Casual Magicking - Zendikari Trapidations

Zendikar Rising will be releasing soon. Casual Magicking shares his thoughts about the upcoming return to the Zendikar plane.

07 September 2020

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Casual Magicking - The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Fun

Teferi, Time Raveler is one of the most meta-defining planeswalker and also the card that most casual players universally hated.

27 August 2020

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Grand Finals Featured Match: Keeba vs Manli

It's the Grand Finals of Playy.World Indonesia Championship! Keeba and Manli will compete for the Championship title! Who will finally claim all the glory?

18 August 2020

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Round B Featured Match: Keeba vs Majorrabbit

It's the second Round B featured match of Playy.World Indonesia Championship with Keeba taking on Majorrabbit. The winner of this match will advance to the Grand Finals!

17 August 2020