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Casual Magicking - Mardoom-Two-‘m

Let us delve into Casual Magicking's Mardu Doom Foretold deck and his experience with it!

18 November 2020

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Deckbuilding – Liliana’s Lords of the Underworld

Self-Taught Commander sheres with us a special Halloween themed Commander deck!

11 November 2020

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Commander Legends – Early Reactions

Self Taught Commander shares his early reactions to the new Commander Legends set!

02 November 2020

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I Opened an Omnath – Now What?

The recent Banned and Restricted list is out! Self Taught Commander shares his thoughts on the recent bannings.

19 October 2020

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Casual Magicking - Responding to a Pernicious Deed

Casual Magicking shares his thoughts and personal opinions on the controversial upcoming Secret Lair x The Walking Dead crossover.

13 October 2020