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Casual Magicking - Non-Seller’s Remorse

Casual Magicking continues to discuss his plan for his unopened original Innistrad packs.

01 March 2021

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Casual Magicking - The Grand UnOpening

Casual Magicking delves into the past analyzing the old Innistrad set and ponders the best option for his unopened Innistrad packs!

15 February 2021

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Casual Magicking - You Chose…Poorly

Casual Magicking breaks down the strategies of Stax decks which is one of the most reviled deck.

02 February 2021

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Casual Magicking - Is There Money In This?

Casual Magicking shares his untold pack-opening story with us!

19 January 2021

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Sentinel Games Weekly Tournament Finals - Week 2

Its the Finals of Sentinel Games Weekly Tournament, featuring 2 of the top dogs of the current meta, Luard and Shiranui! Will Shiranui be able to overtake Luard’s dominance in the meta?

25 November 2020