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The Devastating Potential of Heliod-Ballista Combo

The recent introduction of Heliod, Sun-Crowned in Theros: Beyond Death saw a new potentially devastating combo come into fruition with Walking Ballista.

22 January 2020

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Throwback: The 3 Yu-Gi-Oh Egyptian Gods

A throwback to the best time in YGO

20 January 2020

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Decks That Could Rise After Master Rules Revision

Master Rules Revision has brought many changes to the metagame. These are the decks can rise up.

17 January 2020

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MTG Tournament Report: Golgari Food

First major MtG tournament in Jakarta in 2020, Ogre Cup is a highly competitive tournament with players all around Jakarta and nearby cities! Here is my tournament report with Golgari Food.

12 January 2020

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Spoiler Quickcap - Daily Updates on Theros Spoilers

An analysis on all the newest spoilers of the upcoming Magic set Theros: Beyond Death

09 January 2020