About Us

Who are we?

Playy.World is a B2C online community that trading card game players can buy and sell game cards with each other globally, in a secured environment. This is a community-driven platform for the players to obtain the latest tournament results and community happenings, learn strategies from player experts, improve play quality and encourage new players to join.
This is a community built by players, for the players.

The Problem We Are Solving

As TCG players, we have past experiences that it may be extremely difficult to obtain our desired game cards in our own geography. As well as many fake cards and scams along the way.
There are no community forums that provides rich features to gather all the players together, allowing them to share their TCG play experience and latest news. And to learn from other player experts.

Our Dream

So we took it on ourselves, with the aspiration to create a global community.
It is our Playy.World dream to connect TCG enthusiasts across the world, helping them to truly enjoy their card games by sharing their knowledge, infuse vibrancy into the card games and bring in new enthusiasts.

Why Us

Focus on the community

At Playy.World, the community is everything. It is all about people from different parts of the world coming together, sharing their experience and learning from each other, to enjoy the games. The community is defined by members showing respect, building trust, giving joy and operating in a safe environment for all.

Not just another eCommerce site

Playy.World is also aspiring to build up the marketplace to be the community Hub of all TCG player experts, aspiring enthusiasts, tournament organisers and brands. The Hub will have player experts sharing their latest games and strategies, conducting masterclasses for aspiring players. Tournament organisers can drive up interest and acquire new game enthusiasts.

Safe, trusted cards trading

Playy.World provides an escrow payment service to protect both buyer and seller. At the same time, buyers and sellers can add insurance protection against delivery loss.
Al buyers and sellers also are awarded with reputation based on their behaviour and transactional fulfilment history. This is to provide both buyer and seller with a clear credibility indicator of their transacting party globally.

Join Us

Playy.World is creating a community of like-minded kickass individuals to join us in creating a vibrant TCG community where players can come together to share their ideas, content and events